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Each Morning, Your 'Best' Day Planned out for You

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would lay out your clothes? Kind of nice to have a daily routine knocked off for you, right?

Bithustle keeps in mind all the things you've told it that are important to you. While you're sleeping, Bithustle takes a look at what was completed the day before, and generates a battle plan for the coming day.

Up First, the traditional looking legal pad

Each morning you receive an email link to a set of pages that Bithustle has compiled. Top page looks similar to a legal pad, where you might jot the tasks you need to complete for the day. The program pulls this data from a number of places. You can tell Bithustle, 'my garbage goes out every Monday, remind me on Sunday to put it out.' That's a pretty simple example, but we think you might agree that setting that down once, and never having to write it down again, is, in a small way, empowering. Obviously, applying this to the more important items in your life start making things interesting.

If you look close at the list to the left, you'll see that Bithustle will look at the open projects you're working on, and include the next incomplete task in today's list. We'll get more into that later, for now, just realize the list to the left is being pulled from multiple sources.

What are all those other tabs?

If you've done much research on effective time management, you know that the most important items for you to complete today may not be the most pressing. Being reminded to take out the trash is helpful, but being reminded each day to tackle the less pressing, but most important items is where Bithustle begins to shine.

Diet, Finance and Exercise

There are better ways to track what you eat, but for a lot of people you need just those small reminders. Eat a piece of fruit, No pizza, drink 4 glasses of water. Same with finance and exercise.

Reading - Let's take a Closer Look

If you've made it this far, I'm sure you know the importance of reading. I really like to read, but probably like you, need to be nudged now and then to get back in the habit.

Basically, you enter what books you're currently reading. The software also asks you, 'how many books would you like to read per year?'. The program then figures out how many pages you need to be reading. At the end of the day, you just enter the last page you read, and the program will appropriately schedule the next day.

The list of books to read, and the number of pages, are all output to 'html'. You'll received an email each morning, containing a link to these pages. But you may be wondering, where do I enter this data initally?

Where is this data entered?

If you're looking at this on a desktop, the image to the left shows the reading screen where you would enter the book data. The title and author are self explanatory. The other fields get into how many pages should be scheduled each day. If you don't read any pages, the same pages will scheduled for the next day. If you fall a bit short, the next day will use the page where you left off.

Automated Task List Creation is just the start... Learn More about Daily Scoring of Your Progress, Tools that help you be more Productive - Scripting, Limiting Browsing Time, and Help with your Projects!

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Scoring - Keeping it Fun, Keeping You on Track

There's an old management philosophy that says, if you want to increase anything, you need to measure it. Bithustle puts a point value on just about everything. While it may seem sophmoric, we all sometimes need a nudge to get back to work. Knowing that you'll have additional points when you look at the chart the next day, can be very motivating.

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Scripting - Automating the computer tasks you do everyday

As a programmer, I began to notice that my daily todo-list was populated by some items that were nothing more than 'go to this website, check for a value, and do 'x' if the value is above 1'. By creating a very primitive scripting language, these tasks can be automated. Now, rather than have this on my todo list, the softare runs a short script every five minutes (you can set the 'trigger' for how often your scripts run).

Another use for the scripting of Bithustle, is to tie together some of the 'Internet of Things' that you may have in the near future. 'At 11PM, turn off any lights that might have been left on in my home.'

Some of the functionality of the scripting is similar to that of the website 'if this, then that'. However, because this is running as part of an application on your desktop, the functionality level is much higher.

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Projects - Multiple ways to help you get that project completed successfully.

Our professional life isn't like it was 50 years ago.

Today, you need to be able to handle balancing different projects at the same time, some for one employer, some for another, or even a non-profit you volunteer with. Bithustle helps you move between projects without the old frustrations of '...what did I work on last for this project', 'what should I be doing now...', '...where are those files, what's the account name and password to the site I need access to...'. Bithustle helps you organize all of this. Bithustle does this first by putting the next task for a given project on that top legal pad looking sheet. Under the next task, you'll see a link that provides you with the data that you need at your finger tips to get right to work on this task. Future versions will allow for more collaboration on projects, but for now, think of Bithustle as your personal power tool to help you buzz through the projects you need to get done.