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Cinque Terre
Image 1 A simple paper to do list like you might write out by hand.

What you do today matters

Do I need to tell you that maintaining a todo list is important? Probably not, but if yes, check this out..

The example we'll step through is trivial. You may not need to be reminded through out the day to drink water. But if you're like me, there are small items that get overlooked. And the big items...well, if we can handle the small stuff, you know we can help you knock off the big items.

Let's face it, writing out a list, everyday, can be a bit of a pain. No matter how much time you put into it, you're apt to leave out important items. The items you really need to be working on, those that will lead to completing long term goals, are likely to be entirely left off (we'll have a fix for this too...but back to the simple list to the left.)

I think you'd agree, getting the benefit of having a list, without having to take the time to write it out, would be the ideal solution.

Keep it Simple

Bithustle is an application you install on your pc. Bithustle will help you with lots of things, but for the moment we're focusing on your diet. You may be a calorie counter, we can help you with that, but for some people, that may not be necessary.

For now, we want Bithustle to just help us increase our daily water intake. As stated above, we don't want to have to write this out, by hand, each day.

Image 2 is a partial screen from the BitHustle application running on your pc. Next to 'Text to be written' we will enter 'Drink a Glass of Water'. This text will appear on the 'diet' tab of your daily todo list. We enter the number '4', and it will be repeated four times. The text, number of times, or the overall number of items you want to have is entirely up to you. 'Water' is just being used as an example. You might want to have 'Eat a piece of fruit', listed once or twice.


It would be great if we were fully motivated, 100%, every day. But if you're like me, it's just not that easy. When your not at a 100%, just shift into a 'points' mode, where you do your best to accumulate points for the day. We'll show the graph in a minute.

Cinque Terre
Image 2 Partial view of a diet screen that is part of the BitHustle application you will install on your pc.

Cinque Terre
Image 3 The email you'll receive each morning.

Email Me... Thanks.

I started using this system a loonnngg time ago. I found it was easiest to access and use the list if I had it emailed to me each day. What you see in Image 3 is the email that will be sent to you each day. One link has the 'todo pages', the other is a link to various graphs that let you know how you've been doing.

One advantage to the email is you can easily access your todo list, where ever you can assess your email.

First Look at the List

Our goal when we started, was to get this 'water' item automated. Here is the end result. Emailed to you each day (with LOTS more stuff) is the text you saw entered earlier, and it repeated the number of times entered in 'Number of times to show:'.

Now, when you have a drink of water, you just check it off, simple. You get the added structure to your day of having a todo list, without having to prepare it each day.

Cinque Terre
Image 4 This is just a part of one of the ten or so generated tabs on your Bithustle Todo-list.

Cinque Terre
Image 5 To keep you motivated, you'll see your productivity plotted each day. Other charts track your progress over a longer period of time.

So, How Am I Doing?

Hopefully you'll enjoy the satisfaction of seeing, over time, a higher and higher point total. The chart here is for just the preceding day. You'll also have a chart that has a longer time frame.

In this chart, you'll see the green bar for 'nutrition' is at 4, the score you'd receive for drinking all four glasses of water.

As you get further involved with the project, you'll learn that the points can fluctuate to help motivate you to do something that the system detects you might be putting off. Negative points can also be awarded if you don't complete something.

Our goal with the points isn't to over do it. If they can motivate you on days when you're not 100% motivated, we think you'll agree that they've served their purpose.