Bithustle - Life Management

You, just better

Cinque Terre
Image 1 Screen shot from the Bithustle Desktop application you will install on your PC.

Every User of Bithustle will use it Differently

Each area of Bithustle can be customized. The 'User Defined' Tab of your daily plan takes this a step further. On this page, you can put anything that you'd like to be able to check off, after completing during the day.

Let's say you're trying to clean out your basement. One of your goals might be to remove two bags of trash each day. Looking at the screen above, for the headline, you might enter, "Cleaning out the Basement". On the next line, you'd enter "Remove one bag of trash." In the spot for number per day, you'd say '2'. On the points, you might put 2 points for each bag removed, and a bonus of two points if both bags are taken out.

Programming, or Writing a Book

Image 1 shows data I entered to keep me 'on task' when I'm programming. Yes, there are project areas within Bithustle that define what I'm working on, but this gave me a more general goal to work on each day. Just so it's clear, what you enter here will be provided everyday on your daily plan, without any additional effort on your part.

How will You Use It?

Image 2 shows a page of notes written while programming. With so many distractions available on the internet, I find keeping detailed notes keeps me on task. I share the picture to hopefully get you thinking about things you might make a part of Bithustle, that might not at first be apparent.

This image shows one page, my goal for a good day is to work through five pages. When the code starts to flow, I may not keep as detailed notes, and I might not reach my goal. That's ok, at least attempting to do five pages a day focuses me, and, over the course of a month, or a year, ends up being a substantial amount of work.

The More the Merrier

You can have multiple 'user defined items'. This example is showing just 1, but you are not limited to 1. A buzzword in the app-world is that an application is 'light weight'. Bithustle is the anithesis of a light weight program. It's heavy. It runs on your pc, and generates output to any browser that can access the internet. But it requires effort, and thought, about how you'll use it.

Create a Good Habit...

...or Break a Bad One

Cinque Terre
Image 2 A page of notes from a programming session.

Cinque Terre
Image 3 The resulting output on my 'Additional Items for Today' based on the data input in Image 1.

What You Get Each Day

Image 3 displays the output you will receive daily, based on the form filled out in Image 1.

One advantage to the email is you can easily access your todo list, where ever you can assess your email.

How'd I Do?

By now, you've probably seen this chart. Daily, you'll receive a similar chart that let's you know how you're doing. When setting up your user defined section, you want to include items, that when you complete them daily, will help propel you towards your long term goals.

Cinque Terre
Image 4 This is just a part of one of the ten or so generated tabs on your Bithustle Todo-list.