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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

All the Productivity Articles tell you to Automate things, well now you can

Rather than just telling you what to do each day, we decided early on that the system, where possible, needed to help you accomplish things.

Up First, the traditional looking legal pad

What are all those other tabs?

Reading - Let's take a Closer Look

Where is this data entered?

Automated Task List Creation is just the start... Learn More about Daily Scoring of Your Progress, Tools that help you be more Productive - Scripting, Limiting Browsing Time, and Help with your Projects!

Cinque Terre

Scoring - Keeping it Fun, Keeping You on Track

There's an old management philosophy that says, if you want to increase anything, you need to measure it. Bithustle puts a point value on just about everything. While it may seem sophmoric, we all sometimes need a nudge to get back to work. Knowing that you'll have additional points when you look at the chart the next day, can be very motivating.

Cinque Terre

Scripting - Automating the computer tasks you do everyday

As a programmer, I began to notice that my daily todo-list was populated by some items that were nothing more than 'go to this website, check for a value, and do 'x' if the value is above 1'. By creating a very primitive scripting language, these tasks can be automated. Now, rather than have this on my todo list, the softare runs a short script every five minutes (you can set the 'trigger' for how often your scripts run).

Another use for the scripting of Bithustle, is to tie together some of the 'Internet of Things' that you may have in the near future. 'At 11PM, turn off any lights that might have been left on in my home.'

Some of the functionality of the scripting is similar to that of the website 'if this, then that'. However, because this is running as part of an application on your desktop, the functionality level is much higher.

Cinque Terre

Projects - Multiple ways to help you get that project completed successfully.

Our professional life isn't like it was 50 years ago.

Today, you need to be able to handle balancing different projects at the same time, some for one employer, some for another, or even a non-profit you volunteer with. Bithustle helps you move between projects without the old frustrations of '...what did I work on last for this project', 'what should I be doing now...', '...where are those files, what's the account name and password to the site I need access to...'. Bithustle helps you organize all of this. Bithustle does this first by putting the next task for a given project on that top legal pad looking sheet. Under the next task, you'll see a link that provides you with the data that you need at your finger tips to get right to work on this task. Future versions will allow for more collaboration on projects, but for now, think of Bithustle as your personal power tool to help you buzz through the projects you need to get done.